Now we present you the short lectures named “BRIF”. This project is a special form of communication. It’ll enhance your understanding of contemporary visual art and design. The lecturers are person skilled in visual art who can give you their knowledge and skills.

What are the most important issues in perception of contemporary art?

It may be difficult to understand meanings and purports of some art objects. You may think in such a way:”I do not understand it, it’s so involved” or “well, I can do it myself”   We believe our BRIF-lecturer Tatyana Zubareva is “embodiment of contemporary art”.  She‘ll help you to make friends with some aspects of contemporary culture if you won’t “resist” to her fascination too strong.

Tatyana Zubareva studies for a choreographer, sews incomparable flax things и and makes fantastic caps. She draws on any surface that come handy, photographs, eats fruits with a spoon, ignoring the purpose of a knife. She always does everything in hers own way, beautifully and wildly interesting. So you can make the acquaintance with a person that “embodies” contemporary art herself every day.

Modern media technologies

The rapid development of media technologies increases enormously the amount of information and the methods of its transmission. But those technologies we have in our hands and watch demonstrated at the TV are technologies of yesterday and the day before yesterday.  What’s happening in movies, design and arts spheres today? What are the impressions people need? What are the ways of information delivering? What new technologies can be used already today? What are the latest innovations in technology? Yury Antonov knows some Most Important Things to make a media product. We think he is a media magician.

юркоFor many people, Yuri Antonov is the first vivid recollection of “Tvori Gora” Festival. He was one of those who created the image of the creative association – a little bold, creative and original. Since then Jury had become a professional experimented with all kinds of media art. He is a specialist in animation, video, design, motion, and an art director with incredible port-folio. Now he works for major customers as Ikea, Mariinsky Theatre,“Silver rain” Radio; he can tell a lot about the most recent developments in the world of media at our BRIF lecture.


How to keep a your creativity

окрухHow to continue one’s creative activity but to earn money at the same time? How to find the balance between creativity and the financial well-being? Of course you may use to work at the daytime and to create at the nights. But if there opportunity to combine creative activity and earning? These questions are relevant for photographers, videographers, animators, artists. If you aware of your own progress you may put your questions to a renowned designer Stanislav Okruch. He is the man who continues to deal with creative things making a serious career.

We think Stas Okruch is a self-made person. Who somehow connected with design sphere in our city didn’t hear of Stas or his project ‘SmartHeart’? His bright ideas also discovered a sense of proportion helped him to build his reputation. Now Stas with the team are engaged in branding. Some notable companies of Moscow and Krasnoyarsk are among their customers.