The Alphabetis- the basis of language and symbols that make up words. These words describe our world, our lives. ABC of a modern man is a thought that move us, fill us, change us. These ideas can be taken from the heart, soul, mind … When a phrase appears, particularly phrase, it cannot be unnoticed! After all, it helps other people to exert gear, catch the illusion of phrases, scroll the meaning of words over and over again, and sometimes even try to make their own Alphabet.

“ABC of modernity” is a form combining the two channels of perception: the visual image and the verbal image: a snapshot (image) and text (the message). This is a picture that is accompanied by text.
There are several things to consider when creating an “Alphabet of modernity.”

Tip One. Do not duplicate image by text, but amplify it.
Text must interfere with the picture in the meaning or feeling, but it should not directly talk about what is depicted. It is pointless to say that can be seen. It is necessary to emphasize the treasure of thoughts that are not evident at first glance. Perhaps you are the only person who found it.

Tip two. Do not teach but tell.
Try not to use the imperative mood and excessive moralizing in constructing the text: do not exhort, do not call up, but offer and tell. These are such forms of communication that do not reject.

Tip three. Think about what you say and say what you think about.
Text can ruin everything. If you look at the picture and read the text, and then looked at the photo again, and nothing has changed, so the text does not play any role and can only hurt the image.

Tip Four. The ideal final result.
Work on the text as long as the picture merges with it in the dance, and your heart aches of the pleasure.

And the last tip (form): first of all find the word that defines the entire image, the word is the main image code. Next is the transcript, the quintessence of your thoughts on this work.

Good luck!

PS: if anything goes hard, you can always find someone who can help you in the creative association “Tvori-Gora”.