Festival of Film, Photography and Animation «Tvori-Gora»has already a short history. It all started with the thought of necessity of a place where young authors could present their ideas and works to find friends and like-minded people. Now the Festival is grandiose event according to Tvorigoria, which extended far above Krasnoyarsk, where you can not only spend time, but also learn many tricks of the art.

Traditionally, the Festival program includes viewing and discussion of works submitted to the contest, practical workshops of honored experts, interesting communication and funny games. Let’s start from the last that is the most amusing. At the festival, we like to be a little crazy, take part in a unusual, wonderful and positive actions such as planting a giant carrot in the midst of the city park, trying on mustaches of different size, arrange races on avtoTAZ (our own invention!), take a walk with black and white mimes, make unusual sight-seeing tours, take part in musical jam session, watch a dangerous fire show… The atmosphere of amicability and useful dose of eccentricity is that you feel, get to the festival.

We try to make the workshops really useful, searching professionals all over the country, who are willing and able to share their knowledge and experience with youth. The festival has already presented workshops on short films and screenwriting, photojournalism and portrait photography, animation and basics of filming.

Directors Alexander Kott and Andrew Kavun, screenwriter Natalya Nazarova, photographers Alexei Smyshlyaev and Efim Shevchenko, animator Natalia Berezovaya and Euvgenia Girkova were among the invited experts. After the festival, we take a series of brief contests that represent a kind of fast contests after training during very short workshops

Viewing is an important part of the program. We show the most interesting works of the festival, and discuss works of attended authors in the (on request of them). This gives a unique opportunity to get feedback, to know the audience reaction and expert evaluation. As practice shows, this process gives no less cognitive effect than workshops and practical assignments.

The festival is not only youth-oriented. We organize the workshop for educators from media studios where our teachers share their experience and technological secrets.