Fill in the form

  • Live-action cinema is a work whose plot (fictional or documentary) is created with help of actors, director and operator’s art (up to 90 min)
  • Stop-motion film. It is a work with a plot created in STOP-MOTION technology. The work is edited with sequence of frames; photographed or picked out of video. The object is moved by small steps between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames are played as a continuous sequence.
  • «ABC of today» is a format where photo is attached by a caption. It does not simply describe the image, but adds and extends the meaning. The text is formed as short sentence reflecting the essence or implicit subtext of the picture (see the rules here
  • Social advertising is a short advertising message, which aim is to attract the attention of the audience to the problems of society (up to 30 seconds for TV, more than 30 seconds for Internet).
  • Photo is a picture, illustrating the Festival theme.
  • Photo-film is a video made of photos, united by the same idea and done in a slideshow technology.
  • Photo graphic art is a work created of photo manipulated in graphic editor. Graphic manipulation allows expressing author’s intention and makes the idea more obvious and vivid. The works can be attached by a caption.
  • Animation is a work of any animation technique whether it is computer or subject animation, creating an illusion of moving images.
  • Art Video is a video, containing an author artistic concept. The author uses the latest means of video and computer processing to express his idea.
  • Music video is a short video clip accompanying the piece of music. The video represents the style of music, often illustrates the song.
  • Journalistic story video is a video that tells about socially important and topical events.
  • Krendibober is funny video of any technology, bringing a smile.

The organizing committee reserves the right to change the category of work.