The founders and organizers

  •  Creative Association «Tvori-Gora».
  • Center for Continuing Education «Radiotechnik» of Central District of Krasnoyarsk. Krasnoyarsk.
  • Krasnoyarsk regional Children and Youth Non-Governmental Organization «Association of amateur video».

Probably all begins with curiosity with most questions without answers that happen to arise. Thoughts live with their life while you do a lot of things: go by bus, feed the ducks and watch people at a bus-stop. It becomes interesting are there other people with such kind of thoughts? But what to do if you found no answer for your questions? Curious questions disappear themselves rarely. Curiosity is developing continuously without restraint indefinitely. This is why for example you take a camera. Through the lens of your camera you see the changing objective reality as well as the feature of its changings. The most interesting result may be reached when your curious thoughts meet with your view through your camera. It is wonder to see reaction of other people and to come to know of people’s feelings and thoughts while they react with your creation. You connect with people in a completely unique way with a camera in hand. through its ability to help you see details. It is a dialogue where words do not play a big role and it is the most curious. We’re just burning with curiosity when we think of what do the young authors in contemporary media space


The purpose of the competition: find all the amazing people and get them to know each other. These persons may be at the very beginning of their way in Art, Design, and Cinema. They may be deep immersed in their work already feeling space, arts. Nature and soul of the world/ Wee believe such persons are ready to perform very important things/ And the first of all they are ready to communicate with help of media technologies. We are interested to know the way and sense by what our young photographers and film directors want to tell us of nowadays and surrounding reality and themselves. It is not so important for us their technical skills and level. First of all the your work or  creation have to be rich in content, carry an idea that could be perceive for many viewers and visitors of our festival. We happily and with elation welcome your non-standard approaches to your ideas performing.  If you suddenly decided your project is not enough creative so it is not the reason not to take part in this competition. Do you remember a line of a Vysotsky’ song: “The giraffe is taller, It sees better!”  In other words: the Jury is big, it sees better.

Festival – a multi-genre media competition and cultural event for young authors.

Here you can:

  • Present your project with positive samples of modern life values – the way your own life experience tells you.
  • Meet enthusiastic, creative and caring people as you are; find your own audience.
  • Improve your skills in the field of media technology.

This year the Festival theme is “Creativity». The modern word is changing promptly. That is why the problem solutions in an unexpected way become hits and took hold of the top rank on the billboard of All World Needs. Creative decisions appear within limits and frames which/ the task is to create another space dimension within the same limits and frames. You have to find an exit at contrary side from the door with a sign “EXIT”. Is such an exit better?  May be there you’ll see your own White Rabbit who’ll show you a path to the Wonderland?   Creativity allows us to change the inside look at the familiar world. Creativity is a way to play with the commonplace, turning it into a singularity!



  1. 1. The authors from 14 to 24 years inclusive may be the participants of the competition. The competitors do not study at corresponding faculties at the universities. They cannot to be professionals at cinema, photography and animation (with exception for the first year students).Mostly our competitors are individual authors, children’s and youth media studios, media schools, creative associations.

The number of works of one participant couldn’t be more than 5.

  1. 2. Video projects, photo projects, animations that are relevant competition requirements may participate in the competition:
  2. 3. An application form needs to be filled by an author or group of authors for each competitive work.

The application form, the rules of registration and sending of the works to the competition are here – (directions are here – or by post (660049 Krasnoyarsk, pr. Mira 46а, ТО «Тvory-gora»).

Confirmation of registration is the relevant record on the site:

—– Last day of work delivery and application:  August, 1, 2015 —

The organizing committee reserves the right to distribute and display the received works with authorship attribution for the promotion of festivals and other events of “Тvory-Gora”.


  •  Documentary (non-fiction) movie is a work which is based on shooting of the actual events, peoples, situations. This “creative development of reality” (not more than 30 minutes).
  •  Feature films – a work with plotline (fictional or real) created by acting, cameramen and film director skills and arts (not more than 90 minutes).
  •  Video – plot work created in technology STOP-MOTION. The roller is mounted in a frame sequence shot on the camera or selected from the video. So at this technique the motions of people and things are going frame by frame in little steps that give audience an illusion of continuous action.
  •  “The ABCs of modernity” – this is the format in which a text is attached to a photograph.  A description does not simply retell an image. The texts become semantic additions and continuations. Usually it is a short phrase which performs the main point of a photo or its implication
  • Social advertising – a short advertising message to attract the audience’s attention to the problems of the society (not more than 30 seconds for theТВ advertising, not more than 30 seconds for Internet).
  •  Photograph is a shoot that reveals the Festival  theme
  •  Photography movie is a movie based on photos united by the same idea and performed as an art slideshow.
  • Photographica is a work resulting of image graph annotation. Image processing allows author to express his or her intentions. The idea of an object becomes more intuitive and imaginative. Texts may accompany the presented works.
  • Animations are art works made in any cartoon technique (computer or subject) to perform an illusion of moving images.
  • Video-art is a work contained the author’s art concept conveyed by means of newest video and computer processing.
  • Music video is a short video clip to accompany a song or a music composition. Such a video may express the music style and illustrate song content often.
  • Journalistic reportage is a video work telling about socially relevant and current events taking from a first- hand.
  • Crendebobber is a funny video work made in any technique if the work courses a smile of a viewer.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the nomination type of a sent work.


Selected works are included in the festival short list and evaluated by experts and viewers jury. We use the next criteria of estimates:

  • Revealing of an author’s position rich in content implying a certain “message” to the audience
  • Originality of a creative work idea
  • The social significance and cultural value
  • Technical quality of the project: the cameraman work, sound design of the film, the performance level of titles, and the quality of movie frame clamping.
  • Compliance to the declared theme
  • The work has to be created before April 2012.
  • The work has to be presented at the Festival “Create Hora” for the first time

The Organizing Committee may suspend a work from the competition due to an unacceptably low picture and sound quality, violations of the law, ethics or rules of registration.


Photo projects are taken at the highest resolution (min size 2000 pix at the less side). The image upsizing (resizing of photos in graphic editors) is not admitted. The overused post-processing effects are allowed at the discretion of the author. Format JPEG. The shots must be free of dates, copyrights etc. Admissible video formats: MP4 H.264; AVI Microsoft DV PAL.


The file name has to correspond to the author name or to a studio name + the work name (For example: “Ivanov Roman – The summer dream.mp4”). Pack your photos into zip. archives and name them by the author name/ (For example “”)


Please use Russian subtitles for foreign-language films.  A posted disk bearer has to be free of outsider records. Collective works may be record at the same bearer. Discs with videos will not be returned.

Please use the best quality technical requirements for your works.

Projects that do not meet these requirements may not be allowed to participate in the Festival.

COMPLIANCE WITH COPYRIGHT LAWS. In accordance with the Copyright Laws authors are responsible for the use fragments of other people’s work (photos, videos, music, etc.) in creative projects without the consent of their creators.


Awarding will be held on September 14. The works accepted for the competition will be posted on the website In each category is awarded 1st and 2nd winners, they will be awarded the diplomas and prizes of the Organizing Committee. Founders of the nominal prizes will determine their winners independently. Also during the competitive view the audience voting will choose an author (s) for rewarding by People’s Choice Award. The author of the best work of the Festival will be award with Grand Prix.   .

The works of all the authors who come to the Festival in Krasnoyarsk are to include into the overall show. The Competitive Jury may comment works at the author requests.

The winners will get the expert assessments on their works with detailed commentary from leading Russian experts in the field of movies, photos and animations.

Winning the competition “Create-Mount” automatically makes you a participant in other major festivals.


Festival guests may participate at training workshops, briefs, contests, games, trips, fun promotion actions. The works of authors attending the Festival demonstrate as a part of the competitive show.

They also may get a response on their works from the Festival jury members